Capital One 360 Access Code For Mint

What is going on everyone I hope you are all having a fantastic day so I’ve spent a lot of time on this channel reviewing many of the most popular fintech banks and more importantly, throwing a lot of shade at a lot of the larger national and traditional banks near me like wells Fargo but today I thought we would take a look at a company that is doing a fantastic job at transitioning into the modern world of banking which brings us to today’s viewer request on capital one 360 access code for mint banking services this account does an amazing job of blending the advantages of a brick and mortar bank with the modern features of fintech the bank that we have all come to know and love

so if you want a full review of everything that capital one 360 access code for mint has to offer and how it compares to the many other banks that we’ve looked at on this channel then be sure to stick around at In the end if you do get value out of today’s content then make sure you hit the like button subscribe to the channel and share this with someone who you think could get value out of this content as well and let’s jump right into it.

Capital One 360 Access Code For Mint

So capital one has been around for a long time and you probably know them for their really popular credit card services that we will talk about a little bit later on today but they have gained a lot of traction recently in the banking side of things especially with a younger audience who is looking for an online and mobile way to the bank so the first and most popular feature that they offer is their capital one 360 access code for mint savings account which is currently going to offer you a 0.65 interest rate

now as always these rates are going to fluctuate however this does come in really close to some of the competitors like Ali bank who is currently at a 0.6 interest rate and discover who is at a 0.7 percent rate but these numbers always seem to change right when I’m posting a video so it’s probably different by now that said keep in mind that the national average is right around 0.05 percent so this is already 10 times the national average

although there are some competitors who are offering significantly more at the moment now one of my biggest gripes with these large national banks is the ridiculous fees that they charge but thankfully capital one 360 access code for mint understands that this is not going to fly anymore and there are no minimum balance fees no minimum deposit no monthly maintenance fees or really anything like that however they are still going to charge the mortal enemy and the crown jewel of all fees and that is the overdraft fee

now currently, the capital one 360 access code overdraft fee is 35 per overdraft which is just as bad as you know who however you are able to opt-out of this and it actually is an opt-in system for this overdraft service so basically what this means is you can go into the app on your phone turn on the overdraft service and if you go and spend money and your checking account does not have enough money in there then capital one will do you the courtesy of pulling that money from your savings account in order to cover that transaction and I’m sure this is extremely difficult for them and in exchange for that lovely service they will charge you 35

but if you don’t want this or you keep a close eye on your capital one 360 access code for mint and savings account balances and you never have really had an issue with overdraft fees then you absolutely do not need to opt into this service instead if you go to make a transaction in that situation and you don’t have enough money in your checking account then this transaction will simply be declined so that is a bit of a saving grace if you ask me but if you are going to get this account then I would definitely not opt into this ridiculous overdraft system

now speaking of the checking services they’re also going to have no minimum balance on your checking account and you’re also going to earn 0.1 on your checking money which is actually pretty good considering most checking accounts don’t offer any interest at all you’ll also have access to all point to the network of ATMs near me which we have become pretty familiar with and that actually is going to give you access to over 39 000 ATMs that you can go to and withdraw cash for completely free

now all of this is pretty normal so far and if anything you have seen some fintech banks that are actually doing a little bit better on these 360 access code for mint however the place the capital one really shines is the fact that they have done an amazing job of linking the benefits of a brick and mortar bank or traditional bank as we talked about earlier

with the modern online features that many younger customers have come to expect now by no means is this as widespread as some of the other national banks with thousands of locations but they do have 682 branches nationwide and they also are starting to really push a model that they call the capital one cafe which seems to me like a mix of Starbucks and your friendly small-town bank mixed into one awkward and somewhat confusing experience

however, if you do want to get an overpriced cup of coffee while you get your capital one 360 access code for mint banking questions answered then this is definitely an option for you currently they have locations in Connecticut Delaware Louisiana Maryland new jersey new york texas Virginia and Washington dc so basically if you live on the west coast of the US you’re kind of out of luck

alright so outside of these checking and savings features you are also going to have access to CDs or certificate of deposits which we have seen from some competitors like Allie bank and discover bank currently their 1-year cd offers 0.3 their 3-year cd offers 0.5 percent and their 5-year cd offers 0.6 and all of these have no minimum deposit requirement which is always a huge plus

now these rates are decent for and however, it is important to note and you may have noticed this yourself that the capital one 360 access code for mint rates that are on these CDs currently are actually lower than what the savings account rate is so this doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense since you’d actually be better off keeping that money in your savings account and you would have immediate access to it just by transferring that money to your checking account

however, as capital one 360 access code for mint rates continue to fluctuate as they always do in the future then this is definitely something to keep an eye on down the road and at least they have this feature if you do want to take advantage of it alright so now let’s enter the question that I’m sure many of you were wondering and the question that I was wondering when I started researching this video and that is is the mobile platform for capital one actually that good

we have seen countless tech companies step into this fintech industry and absolutely crush it in the design and ease of use of their mobile platforms and honestly, this has had a lot of the older banking platforms looking sluggish and outdated however capital one has clearly spent a lot of time and money developing their mobile platform because it is pretty good if you ask me and it currently has five stars with over 2.1 million reviews on the ios app store alone

you’re able to monitor your spending get updates on your capital one 360 access code for mint credit score and even integrate and input your own capital one credit cards and other credit cards if you do take advantage of those services as I mentioned earlier capital one offers a number of credit cards that are pretty well known including the capital one quicksilver card which I am a huge fan of as well as the capital one saver and venture cards which I’m sure you have seen advertisements for at one point or another

now you’re able to contact customer support seven days per week right through the app which is fantastic but you can also get a live chat with someone simply by logging into the computer online into your account and then you can chat with someone right there and you can even get customer support through their Twitter account so there’s definitely a lot of options seven days per week

now I wouldn’t say their customer support is quite as good as discover which you all know I absolutely love and is the holy grail of customer support however it really is fantastic and in comparison to a lot of the national banks they are coming out ahead and I will also mention that capital one has their own teen money checking account which I did talk about in this video right here where I reviewed the best bank accounts for teenagers so if you do have a teenager this is a fantastic place to get started and it is a lot easier to set up this account

if you are already a customer of capital one 360 access code for mint alright so at the end of the day who is this account for and more importantly should you get it well at a quick glance at the features that we did just talk about i think most of us would probably agree that there are some better options out there who offer higher interest rates better debit cards and arguably a better user interface

however, keep in mind that this is capital one I mean this is a company that has a market cap of 32 billion dollars and that might seem completely irrelevant to this review but I know a lot of people take solace knowing that the company that they’re banking with is solid not going anywhere and in a lot of ways is too big to fail

although we have seen that really fall apart in the past your money is fully fgsc insured so really nothing to worry about there and if you are the kind of person who is worried about keeping a large amount of money with one of these smaller fintech banks like chime then capital one is definitely a great option that you might want to look into

and if you do already use their capital one 360 access code for mint card services then this might be a no-brainer however as a younger individual who has grown up in a world of modern fintech banks I personally am still going to stick with my favorite which is sofi say what you will about capital one and how big they are but sofi lets me spend save borrow invest in more and all of this is tied up really nicely under one neat and easy to use platform with significantly more FDIC insurance than what capital one offers

so I personally don’t think capital one would be my recommendation for my situation however if you like being with a large well-established bank and use their credit card services and you value the other platforms that they offer under capital one then this is definitely something that you would want to check out

as always I advocate that you try a few different banks and in this case, it wouldn’t hurt to give capital one 360 access code for mint a shot and try out so far that I just talked about and also if you do want to give sofi a shot there is a link down in the description that will give you 50 for free

so even if you decide that you want to stick with capital one after trying both of them out then you can just close up this account and you just earned yourself 50 for a little bit of effort and on top of that you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that you are using the best banking platform for you and your financial goals

so let me know what you think of the capital one 360 access code for mint account down in the comment section below and what other accounts you’d like to see me review in the future if you did get value out of this content it would mean so much to me if you would hit the like button and subscribe to the channel since that is the easiest way for you to support me and of course take it easy and I’ll see you in the next one

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